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Confessiondolls reveal the dark side of yourself. New app allows users to confess anonymously, private or public.

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Now you do not need to trust anybody anymore, just reveal your darkside with Confessiondolls.

Confessiondolls is a unique platform where you can share and read secrets 100% anonymous.

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The App allows users to choose their favourite dolls and follow their stories but watch out ….. it is very addictive.

Many people have chosen for a life without secrets. Will you?

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It is very easy. Download the App, create a personal yet anonymous doll and start sharing your biggest secrets. You will feel so liberated after you share your first secret and realise that it can never be traced back to the real you.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Design your personal Confessiondoll
Read & Write Anonymous public stories
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“Have you ever had a deep dark secret that
you needed to get off your chest?”
★★★★ 4/4


“One of the more entertaining ways
to share your secrets”
★★★★ 4/4


“A well designed app that is meant
specifically for making and sharing confessions”
★★★★ 4/4


"Im in love with my best friend. I'm a gay guy and my best friend is the best guy in the world, he just doesn't know...

He is cute, loving, caring, funny and sweet. The only problem is that he has this girlfriend. He just deserves better than her."


"Used to be very good in helping others with their break up. Phone skills were excellent.

I could call the guy pretending i was the girlfriend breaking up because my friends didn't dare to do this them self."


"Suicide has been in my mind for 3 years now. Everyone knows I almost committed suicide, but no one seems to care.

They still treat me the same when I need someone in my life who won't let me go. If I don't die now, the way I'm living will burn me alive."

The App allows users to choose their favourite dolls and follow their stories but watch out ..... it is very addictive.

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Share your secrets anonymously and get rid of all the emotional baggage you don't need in life. A Confessiondoll is your private guardian who's let you ventilate your most horrible, unpleasant, ugly and shameful experiences in life.

The world of Confessiondolls is a dark, gloomy, but emotionally suiting environment to post your stories and read those of others about life as it is. Follow other Confessiondolls and their stories. Support them by 'like'-ing their stories. Share or tweet a story to bring awareness to the stories through social media.

In a graphically stunning environment you can scroll through the users and their stories. Browse through the users with different sorting options; favorite, popular or most active users/stories.